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We're Rapid Prep, your Canadian Amazon prep center for the small Amazon sellers.

“We specialize in assisting Amazon FBA sellers with a wide range of items. We provide services such as receiving, freight forwarding, inspection, prep, labelling, and storage for the small sellers on Amazon”.

John,  General Manager, Rapid Prep Services

Smooth Sailing with our FNSKU Labelling

You provide us with the Amazon FNSKU labels and we’ll put them on each unit. No job is too small!

eCommerce Fulfillment

Responsive, expeditious Amazon preparation & eCommerce fulfillment done within 48 hours of your shipments arriving.

Custom Projects

Amazon returns, case forwarding, kitting, and everything in between. We were made to enable small businesses to fulfill their Amazon orders.

 “I’m ecstatic with Rapid Prep! They know how to support our small OA business, and the direct communication makes things seamless!”

Stacey R,  Amazon Seller

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We help businesses of all shapes and sizes scale on Amazon with Rapid’s Prep Service. Online arbitrage, wholesale, private label, and beyond – all enabled for your success on Amazon

How It Works


After we receive your shipment, we inspect your goods for quantity and condition. You will see the status of your inventory in Preptopia, your FBA prep inventory tracker

Amazon Preparation

Send us your FNSKU labels or we can print them from your Amazon Seller Central inventory page & prep your items based on Amazon’s detailed requirements.

Create Shipping Plan

Once the prep work is done, we will access your Seller Central account & create your shipping plan, taking the Amazon admin work off your hands. If you want to do it instead, that’s fine too.

Track Your Shipments

We’ll send your packages out wherever they need to be. If you’re sending into FBA, you enjoy Amazon’s inbound shipping rate for even more savings.

Rapid Fulfillment.

Enabled for the modern-day Amazon seller, we help customers prepare and ship their products to Amazon – simple and easy.

  • Online Arbitrage
  • Wholesale
  • Bundling
  • Private Label
  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Carton Forwarding
  • Storage

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Square Foot Warehouse
Amazon Prep Accuracy

FNSKU Labelling

You provide us with the Amazon FNSKU labels and we’ll put them on each unit. No job is too small!

Case Forwarding

We’ll forward your master cartons to Amazon as you need to replenish stock.

Bundling & Kitting

Put together as many products as you need with our custom bundling & kitting solutions for any unique product set.

Amazon FBA Removals

We can handle FBA Removal requests as well as individual returns.

Dedicated Account Manager

We’ll assign you an account manager dedicated to your success on Amazon. They’ll be your go-to for everything fulfillment, 24/7.

Rapid Quick Turnaround

All requests submitted are completed the same day or within 48 hours. Did someone mention rapid?

Ready for Rapid Fulfillment?

With 48 hour turnaround for most Amazon FBA shipments, get ready to grow your business. 


Rapid offers simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees


Total cost per carton for receiving to Rapid warehouse

$1.50 / Carton

Amazon Preparation

individual preparation per item, including FNSKU labelling

$1.50 / Item


Per pallet storage of items within the Rapid warehouse

$40 / month


Offering exclusive flat-rate shipping to Amazon FBA


Ready for Rapid Fulfillment?

Are you an Amazon seller looking to outsource their prep work? We service small-businesses for all sizes; including online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, grocery, wholesale & beyond. Lets get in touch today!
We are located at 5311 John Lucas Drive W6 in Burlington,Ontario
Email us at hello@rapidprep.ca, or give us a call at 1-289-308-6227
We look forward to hearing from you!